Many people like their kratom to have a stimulant effect. This is perhaps the reason that some have sought to portray kratom as something akin to a ‘legal high’ or recreational drug. In reality, if you want kratom to be a substitute for illegal recreational drugs or legal highs, you’re going to be disappointed. Kratom is a gentle herb. However, if you’re looking for a pleasant ‘lift’ and mood enhancement, kratom might work for you – provided you choose the right strains.

There are several kratom strains that provide gentle stimulant qualities. Some of the more powerful work very well for some, but produce a jittery, caffeine-like feeling for others. If this is your first time choosing kratom for its stimulant qualities, it’s probably best to go for one of the strains that offer milder, ‘smoother’ energy.

The most stimulating kratom strains are Sumatran and Thai. Of the latter, perhaps the most powerful for many is Maeng Da. In some cases these strains might prove a little too energising, which is indicative either of a dosage issue, or of the need to moderate the effects by blending a little of a more relaxing strain such as a Borneo/Bali kratom.

Another option is to go for a kratom strain that offers a smoother, milder effect, whilst still being definitely stimulating. In this case, the two strains to experiment with would be Riau and Malay.


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