Analgesic Kratom for pain relief


Perhaps the greatest effect of kratom is its extraordinary ability to ease pain – whether it’s a headache, arthritic pain, chronic post-operative pain, or virtually any sort of pain. Most people (though not all) who are looking for an analgesic effect would prefer to be relaxed than stimulated, though – so how to choose the best strain for you?

As with any other kratom effect, it might be necessary to try more than one strain to find the right one for you, but where is the best place to start?

First, to establish which kratom strains not to go for, if you’re not used to them: those which are known for their energising and stimulant effects (mainly Sumatran and Thai kratom strains) are probably best avoided because of the risk of jitteriness.

The more relaxing kratom strains, such as Borneo/Bali kratom, might be worth a try, especially if the pain is causing you anxiety or sleeplessness.

Possibly the most appropriate kratom strains for pain relief are those from the Riau peninsula, with their well-documented ‘body buzz’ and gentle euphoric qualities.

Should you wish to make a blend, a good starting point might well be a mixture of 60-70% Green or Red Riau with the remainder made up of Red Vein Borneo kratom.