Gold Standard Pre Workout Review — Is It Worth Your Money?

If you have been in the fitness and nutrition space, then you need to know all about the Optimum Nutrition brand.

This company is famous for its wide array of supplements such as popular alternatives like Gold Standard Casein and Gold Standard Whey.

Along with its broad range of protein shakes, Optimum Nutrition is currently offering supplements as well, especially the Gold Standard Pre-Workout.

This really is a mid-range pre-workout supplement that’s made to assist users to maximize their workouts while enhancing muscular endurance and energy levels.

Optimum Nutrition Creatine Monohydrate Pre-Workout

But, make sure that it lives up to the hype, we chose to put this supplement through its paces and see if it really delivers on its promises.

Join us as we dive deep into the makeup of the Gold Standard Pre-Workout to answer questions such as; Does it offer value for the money? Does it really deliver the promised benefits?

Keep reading to find out.

The Gold Standard Pre-Workout

Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Pre-Workout is a premium excellent supplement that helps users get the most from the workouts.

It works similarly to additional pre-workouts in that it contains energy-boosting ingredients which could help you to go further for longer at the gym.

The matter is that you want to get the most of your time in the gym or you also will not find the results you desire.

The thing about Gold Standard Pre-Workout is the fact that it enhances endurance, focus, and energy levels — all three factors that are necessary to maximize workouts.

Gold Standard Pre-Workout Benefits

Gold Standard Pre-Workout is specially formulated with all of the components needed to boost stamina and strength during a workout.

It has also been demonstrated to take energy levels through the roof while enhancing focus throughout.

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The best part about Gold Standard Pre-Workout is that it is made from high-quality ingredients, none of which can be on the prohibited substances list and include things like natural coffee beans and caffeine.

As a consequence, you can be sure that you’re receiving energy from natural sources, which includes the additional advantage of improving your mental capability to manage more when you are going for longer pumps.

Gold Standard Pre-Workout Side Effects

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout produces stimulatory effects which means that it
It must be used with caution by people who suffer from stimulant or caffeine sensitivity.

Remember that this is a supplement that also activates vasodilation, a procedure that might be an issue for those struggling with pre-existing heart conditions.

That’s why it’s always a fantastic idea to consult with your doctor before you try this or any other supplement.

The same goes for pregnant or breastfeeding women, as well as under 18’s and individuals who suffer from any pre-existing health ailments.

This is the type of supplement that you wish to ask your doctor about before you take it.


There are only a few ingredients contained at the Gold Standard Pre-Workout.

More than SECEC, we are more fans of those pre-workouts which contain a significant number of ingredients such as the Wrecked Pre-Workout.

The company has chosen only a few important ingredients, the most crucial of which we are going to discuss below.

  • Caffeine
    Caffeine is a popular pre-workout ingredient since it offers you a boost of energy and can help you focus and go hard throughout your workouts. For the best results, a minimal dose of 200mg or less is advised for caffeine. Gold Standard adheres to these instructions using a per-serving caffeine content of 175mg. This fixing can be found in the Psychotic pre-workout and Bucked Up.
  • Creatine Monohydrate
    Most of us know that creatine is an OG pre-workout ingredient that has been around for ages, and it is nice to see it contained in an authentic pre-workout product with different ingredients that encourage its mechanism of action. What most people do not understand about creatine is that it is great for pre-workout prep as well as post-workout recovery. It’s a win-win type of ingredient which encompasses all you could want to support your workout.
  • Beta-Alanine
    Beta-alanine is just another favorite pre-workout ingredient, although not much is known about it except its own benefits. It’s not a must-have, but it is still one of the greatest ingredients on this item.
  • Vitamins
    There are lots of different vitamins comprises in a single serving of Gold Standard Pre-Workout, such as ellagic acid, niacin, thiamin, B6, D, and even exceptionally valuable B12. Although these might not directly affect your fitness regimen right away, they continue to be essential when it comes to boosting energy levels and improving hormonal health. If you already supplement with those vitamins, then this is a wonderful additional increase to a previously healthy diet regimen.
  • AstraGin Proprietary Blend
    This AstraGin Proprietary Blend includes 25mg of Astragalus membranaceus extract (root) and Panax notoginseng extra (origin ). It supports Part of the muscle that’s meant to improve vitamin and Amino acid absorption.
  • L-Citrulline
    There is 750mg of’micronized’ L-Citrulline available in this supplement. This specific ingredient is actually a watermelon-derived amino acid. But if we had our way, we’d opt for Citrulline DL-Malate, which is a stronger variant of it, but this one is nice also.
  • Other Ingredients
    Gold Standard Pre-Workout comprises other ingredients too, include L-Tyrosine and L-Carnitine. The former helps with stress and may also boost mood. But if we had our way, we would’ve included other great ingredients to this product, for example as L-theanine to balance out the caffeine consequences, also Betaine to enhance endurance and muscle power. If you’re looking to have a better alternative, we suggest checking out Wrecked. It is a PWO with almost 20 ingredients giving you insane muscle pumps, energy, and stamina.

How to Take Gold Standard Pre-Workout

You will find 30 servings in one Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout tub.

This means in the event that you take it daily, then it will last about a month, and you can switch up the flavors between Strawberry Lime, Pineapple, and Green Apple.

According to the consumption directions on the package, you should pour one scoop of them into a glass of water and drink it at least half an hour prior to your workout.

According to the directions, the one-scoop dose is a recommendation that will test your tolerance and its consequences.

Also, it might not be the best product for someone who enjoys working out in the evenings, because it’s a great deal of caffeine.

Should You Try This Pre-Workout?

Yes, this really is a viable alternative so far as pre-workout supplements go because it has the capability to help maximize your results.

It consists of a couple of good ingredients, such as caffeine, which appears to work as described.

With that said, we wouldn’t call it the best pre-workout available on the marketplace.

What we highly recommend is the Wrecked pre-workout, which comes with a lot more components, is way more powerful and will give you excellent workouts.

Seriously, check out Wrecked by Enormous Nutrition.


The Gold Standard Pre-Workout by Optimum Nutrition is a decent product if you are new to this type of nutritional supplement.

It is fantastic for pre-workout prep and self-healing healing, on account of its distinctive mixture of ingredients, including caffeine, creatine, and just a cocktail of minerals and vitamins that’ll boost your energy and strength generally.

However, if you were to ask us if this is far better than Wrecked, then the solution is no.

You know we are huge fans of Wrecked here because it’s one of the few supplements that work into the tee, with no side- effects, and you can take it at any time and enjoy the ramifications of 20 balanced ingredients.

But, in the absence of this, we would then suggest Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Pre-Workout. Also make sure to check out our Preseries Bulk and C4 Pre Workout Review.

Gold Standard Pre-Workout Review
Product Name: Gold Standard

Price: 29.99

Currency: USD

Availability: in stock

Formula – 6.1/10
Taste – 6.8/10
Outcomes – 7.2/10
Worth – 7/10
Overall – 6.8/10


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